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“It never ceases to amaze me who will come up and engage me in a sidebar after my talks.  I had four extensive and wonderful conversations today that will lead to physical meetings in the coming weeks.” Gerard J. Christman Sr. Sys Engr II DoD CIO CTR SPT

Over 20 Top Experts from Experts from OASD/Operational Energy,DASN/Energy, SAF/IEN, OPNAV N45, DUSD/Installations & Environment, USSOUTHCOM, NRL, ARPA-E, PM-E2S2, CERDEC, NSWC, ERDC, Navy REPO, Army OEI, USDA, USAF ESPC PO, NREL, NSXTL, Alstom, Alytic, Pew Trusts, Eaton, Cassidy, Kilpatrick Townsend and WSGR 

Special Presentations by:

» Lt Gen Thomas Trask, USAF – Vice Commander, Headquarters U.S. (USSOCOM)
» Lt Gen Jerry “JD” Harris, Jr., USAF – Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans,Programs, and Requirements, AF/A5-8
» LtGen Jon M. Davis, USMC – Deputy Commandant for Aviation, Headquarters Marine Corps


DoD Emerging DEW Systems Needs, Requirements and Industry Opportunitiesps

 Advancements in High-Powered Microwave and High Energy Laser Technologies

 DEW Lethal & Non-Lethal System Design

• Laser Optics

 DEW Modeling and Simulation